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Perfectly Gifted
An Unforgettable Stay at Hotel Contessa

The perfect present is the one that creates lasting memories. Delight in sharing the luxury and elegance of a stay at Hotel Contessa with those who matter most. Whether it's an intimate rendezvous for two, a respite from the bustling world of business, or a journey into the heart of vacation bliss, Hotel Contessa's personalized gift cards beckon with the promise of an extraordinary sojourn along the enchanting San Antonio Riverwalk.

Elevate Every Stay

You're giving more than just a room; you're gifting a remarkable experience. From the moment they arrive to the moment they depart, your loved ones will be immersed in luxury, comfort, and warm hospitality.

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What You Should Know

Hassle-Free Gifting

Hotel Contessa's gift cards are the epitome of ease. They never expire, and there are no hidden fees. Should the "valid-thru" date pass, recipients can quickly obtain a replacement card with the remaining value. Your loved ones will always enjoy the flexibility to plan their stay at their convenience.

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Additional Info:
Please call Customer Service at US +1-800-214-3719 or email support@egiftify.com for assistance or inquiries.