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Explore San Antonio

Staycation in San Antonio

No two Texas towns are the same. Just like not all Texans wear cowboy boots and Levi’s, not all towns are fixated on football and barbeque. Because of its proximity to the border and the rich history that comes with it, Texas is actually as diverse a state as any, which is why 28.7 million people made their home here as of 2018. 

If you’re one of those people, you know that Texas cities are nothing short of spirited, from bustling metropolises to the self-proclaimed purveyor of weird (hey, Austin!). Yet for all the historic locales and scenic vacation spots like Texas Hill Country, staycations in Texas don’t always rank high on the vacation bucket list. But it should, especially if San Antonio is concerned.

San Antonio is Unique

No two Texas towns are the same. An underrated gem of the Lone Star State, San Antonio blends all things modern with a heavy dose of both history and culture. Though multi-cultural influences are common in Texas, none are quite as distinctive as San Antonio’s Spanish flare (and no, it’s not just the Alamo). 

From the River Walk to the arts and cultural districts, you’d be hard pressed to find a piece of San Antonio untouched by the past. This is exactly why it’s worth a visit. You may know everything there is to know about Dallas or Austin, but we can bet that you’ve left many stones unturned in San Antonio. Remedy that during your next staycation.

There's Plenty to Do

San Antonio is a product of a 1718 Spanish expedition from Mexico to establish a mission, called San Antonio de Valero or the Alamo. This piece of the past is readily apparent in the present. In San Antonio, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in experiences unique to this destination. Though you can and should tour the Alamo, there’s more to do in the city than that.

Get lost along the Riverwalk and the surrounding districts. Discover a new favorite attraction, from theme parks to museums and more. Explore San Antonio via our city guide. Or go for a walk and see what you stumble across. You might find La Villita, a 300-year-old cultural arts hub, or Southtown the Arts District, a creative community tucked into Victorian-esque buildings. Go for a drive up to Texas Hill Country to taste local wines.

You Can Actually Relax

Hop on a plane to a far away place, and upon your return you might just be craving a vacation from your vacation. Staycations are different. You’ll be closer to home and in the same time zone, which means you’ll spend less time on the go and more time kicking back. Exactly as it should be. 

San Antonio is packed with exciting things to do, but you’ll also have no problem finding excuses to take it easy. Head to the spa between adventures for a revitalizing treatment. Sun bathe beside the pool. Sip on something refreshing at the Cork Bar or even dine along the Riverwalk in full view of the San Antonio River. 

It's Just a Short Drive Away

From Dallas: Hop on I-35 S. Crank some tunes, watch the Texas countryside go by, and stay on the interstate for 274 miles. A little over four hours later, you’ll find yourself in San Antonio. Yes, it really is that straight forward.

From Austin: Hop on I-35 S. catch a glimpse of the Texas countryside as you cruise for about 80 miles. You’ll see the sign for San Antonio in under two hours. Again, easy as can be. 

From Houston: Hop on I-10 W. Leave the coastline behind as you take in the Texas countryside, and stay on the road for 197 miles. It’s not as close as Austin, not as far as Dallas, but a quick drive nonetheless.